The Rescue Paint Party is the largest of its kind in Europe.

Every Wednesday at 9 pm, hundreds of litres of paint get thrown, splatted and shot at whoever may be in the club at that time! With the multiple Rescue Club, DJs on rotation expect the summer’s biggest bangers along with a mix of old-school anthems for this big room event!

Paint will be flowing for the full 3 hrs this event is on. When you go to the paint party expect one thing, lots of paint!

To ensure you don’t get your best clothes covered with paint Rescue also provides you with a FREE T-Shirt ahead of Zante’s messiest night.


Paint Party tickets are highly sought after, so we definitely advise you organise your group and pre book your tickets for this event to not only guarantee your space but also get the best price possible. How To Collect Your Tickets? Your event tickets can be collected from Pure Zante where we are based. Pure Zante will be open from 10am daily with The Zante Bible team in there all day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, extremely. Your payments are protected by both VISA and Stripe, and we are a UK registered company (TZB Limited).

The Rescue Paint Party starts at 9pm at Rescue club. We recommend getting there for 8:45pm

Rescue Paint Party starts at 9pm and finishes at midnight.

You will most certainly get paint on you. Although the paint is water based and should come out in the wash we recommend not wearing your most expensive clothes!