The White Party

The White Party is one of the longest running events in Zante. It’s brought to you by PartyO who are based in Karma Day Club. 
Expected to see international artists and entertainers here every Sunday whilst listening too some of the world biggest house tracks and records.
The White Party starts around 6pm every Sunday during the summer and goes on till about 11pm.

The White Party Media

Why Book Now?

Why Book Now The White Party regularly gets over 1000 people at each of their events and sells out during peak season. To avoid disappointment we highly recommend that you book early for this one. Pre booking this event not only saves you time in Zante, it also 100% guarantees you and your groups place for the white party. How To Collect Your Tickets Your event tickets can be collected from Pure Zante or Holiday Box Office. Pure Zante will be open from 10am daily with The Zante Bible team in there all day. Holiday Box Office is located on the main strip and open daily between 10am and 10pm. Alternatively, you can bring your printed ticket or e-ticket confirmation directly to the door of the event at 18:00 where you will be checked in by our event staff.
“Pack Your Whites” Every Sunday of summer, the most current DJs and Artists from around the world head to the multi-million dollar Republic Beach Club for this Exclusive Twilight event. After you are welcomed with the champagne reception, you can indulge in some sushi and canapés. Head over to the free Beauty Bar to touch up your party glitter or body art too. Mingle with the hottest crowd in town, and get that epic holiday selfie, while listening to the best Sax Players and percussionists in Europe. Watch The White Party’s fully imported dancers and models while waiting for the headliner to take stage. Then you can party and dance the night away with your friends, check out the glamorous fire girls, and watch the fireworks under the stars at the most amazing event you’ve ever been to.
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, extremely. Your payments are protected by both VISA and Stripe, and we are a UK registered company (Holiday Box Office LTD).
We meet at Pure at 5pm on the day of the party. Feel free to get down early, grab a couple of cocktails and work on your tan while you’re waiting on everyone else arriving. It’s probably a good idea to grab something to eat at this point, you’ll want to line your stomachs as the 1hour free flowing Captain’s Punch has a real kick!
You’ll have five hours of fun, frolics and festival antics ahead of you. There’s a lot packed into one voyage, all set to the background of a beautiful sunset. We aim to have you back in Laganas for 22:00
Ultimately, it’s a boat party, girls will be in bikinis and lads in swim shorts but feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Bear in mind there is a swim stop if you want to jump in and the sun will be setting around us so you may need something to put on afterwards.

There are a limited number of VIP places available per boat, if you’ve booked Zante Mega Deal, you’ll have the option to add on a Mega Deal VIP for €30 at the time of booking. If you’ve only booked Tidal, you may be able to add VIP at Holiday Box Office when you arrive, but only if there are spaces available. The only way to guarantee Tidal VIP is to book Zante Mega Deal VIP which you can do by clicking HERE!

This is a really simple one… Do it early!! We have up to 6 boats going out per week and it’s often the highlight of most people’s holiday. In fact, it’s so good most groups want to go on again. If you book for early in your trip, there’s always a chance you can do it all over again towards the end. At Disney World, you wouldn’t save the best until last, you’d do it first AND last.