Travelling To Zante?

What you need to do

International travel this year has somewhat changed to what we’re used to. The rules and regulations can make it seem a bit of a daunting task just be be able to board your flight.
Rest assured, we have a cheat sheet right here for you with all the information on testing and links to where to find the Greek PLF form.

First things first – Booking your holiday

The first thing you will need to do is book your holiday. As of today Zante (Zakynthos) is on the UK’s Amber List. This means the UK Government advise against non essential travel. What is essential travel? No one knows.
When Zante moves on to the UK’s Green List, this advice will change.

So Step 1. Book your holiday. We recommend a company that gives you ATOL Protection just so your holiday is covered.

Do you need to be tested to travel to zante?

If you are lucky enough to of had BOTH doses of vaccine before 14 days of your holiday departure date, you will not be required to take a test to be allowed to fly to Zante. You are however subject to random testing at Zante airport.

I haven’t been fully vaccinated, what do i do?

Not to worry, we haven’t been fully vaccinated either but are flying to Zante Tomorrow (June 5th).
If you’re not fully vaccinated, Greece will allow you entry with a NEGATIVE Covid PCR Fit To Fly test.
This test is a private test. you CANNOT use an NHS test and it has to be taken within 72hrs of your ARRIVAL to Zante.

Where did you get tested?

We used a company called RANDOX. We found them to be average priced compared to others and it was very simple, quick and easy to understand what to do.
You can either have the test kit sent to you which you must send back, or book an appointment at one of their facilities. We decided to book an appointment and walk in to ensure our test was done correctly.
to check them out just use this link here:

What about the greek plf form?

The Greek PLF (Passenger Locator Form) is the last essential bit you need to do for your flight to Zante.
This has to be filled out no later than 24hrs before you fly. Quick tip, do it 3-4 days before you fly!
This form takes no longer than 5 minutes to fill out. It is simply Greece needing to keep a record of what area you’re visiting.
Once completed you will get sent a confirmation email telling you your QR code will be emailed to you on the date of your departure at midnight.
This form can be found here:

We hope this information makes the process of getting to Zante easier for you and we are looking forward to welcoming you all!

The ZanteBible Team