Beaches in Zante

Zante is home to some of the worlds most beautiful and photographed beaches. Here we will give you our favourite four to look at and hopefully you will take a couple of days to go visit them whilst on your holiday.

#4 Banana Beach, Vasilikos

The long sandy Banana beach is regarded by most people as one of the most beautiful beaches of Zakynthos and provides an ideal setting for a variety of fun and adventure-filled water sporting experiences.
In addition, the Banana Casa Playa Beach Bar – Restaurant brings to its visitors high quality of entertainment and services.
Banana Watersports is a company with extensive experience (30+ years) in the field of water sports. Located at Banana Beach, Vasilikos, in Zakynthos (Zante), the company features all kinds of watersport services.

Try parasailing, flying fish, crazy sofa, jet ski, water ski, banana, ringo and any other whack water sport, having the confidence that graduate teachers, engineers and lifeguards are always by your side. By increasing the bid process, both to services and equipment, Banana Watersports provides unforgettable summer moments ensuring that you are accompanied with the best and safest specifications for all their services.

#3 Turtle Island (Marathonissi)

Turtle island, formally known as Marathonissi is a small private island in the turtles’ bay close to Kerì beach.
Until the second world war the island was lived, today it has neither inhabitants nor buildings.
It is now one of the areas where the Caretta Caretta turtles go to breed.

You can visit the island by private boat or by organised tourists excursions, and for the stronger ones there is the possibility to go by canoes and maybe meeting the turtles.
Pay attention that as the island is inside the Marine Park the anchorages it is not legal.
There are two beautiful beaches: one of pebbles, reachable by swimming from a huge cave, the other one is a large sand area smoothly gliding towards the sea.

The island offers no snack bars, electricity or anything that may disturb the turtles; taking this into consideration it is advisable to take food and beverage when going there.
For those coming with their own boat, we suggest visiting the Kerì Caves, a few minutes by boat from the island along Marathia’s Cape coast.
One more peculiar thing about the island: Zakynthos is famous for the turtles and also for the last specimen of Monacus Monacus seals that populate its shores.
One of those seals chose one of the small caves of Marathonissi as its “Summer residence”, we leave to the more adventurous ones the pleasure to discover it.

#2 Xigia Beach

Xigia Beach is located on the eastern coast of the northern part of the island.

You can get there by car, but some trips offer a visit to the beach. The beaches in this part of the island are tiny, mostly pebble, same as this sulfuric beach.

Sulpher is being mined in this region of the island, so the water contains large amounts of it. When swimming by the beach, You can see the characteristic turbidity in the water, as if there was something that didn’t dissolve completely. Of course, the water is clean and pleasant, though rather cold (because of the cliffs and large depth of water, a few meters from the beach can be tens of meters deep.

Sulphur baths are healthy for the skin, they make it wonderfully smooth. The only con of the bath is the distinct smell of rotten eggs. But trust us, you do get used to it!

There are two sulfuric beaches, one away from the road (about a 10-15 minute walk from the road) and the other by the road.

Cars mostly stop by the second beach. There is a small tavern on the cliff, but more should be told that this is a bar. The food is good and not too expensive. Because the beach is placed much lower (at the very bottom of the cliff), tavern invented an interesting mechanism for transporting food to the beach – in the form of a “rollercoaster”, where the basket is carrying orders from a tavern on the cliff to the reception on the beach – most popular are ice cream ordered directly on the beach.

#1 Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach)

The most beautiful beach of Zakynthos and one of the five or six most photographed beaches in the world!
Accessible only by sea, Navagio Beach is hidden between two huge cliffs.
It consists of millions of small pebbles with the blue shades of the sea as far as the eye can see.

Arriving by boat, the tall lateral walls hide the beach until the last minute when out of the blue you get a complete view of the bay.
To visit the beach, a part from the numerous tours of the island, it is possible, from the close bay of Porto Vromi or from Aghios Nikolaos, to get the daily taxi-boat offered by the locals.
We suggest visiting Navagio in the morning since in the afternoon the sea tends to become bigger and may cause problems to get back.

You can not leave the island without having seen this beach from the panoramic view at the top of the promontory facing the beach itself.
Half way between the villages of Volimes and Anafonitria there is an asphalt road leading to a huge car-park; getting down a few steps you reach a balcony from where you can admire the beach.