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Travelling To Zante?

What you need to do International travel this year has somewhat changed to what we’re used to. The rules and regulations can make it seem a bit of a daunting task just be be able to board your flight. Rest assured, we have a cheat sheet right here for you with all the information on […]

Opening Parties CONFIRMED

zante opening parties

Opening Parties Confirmed Things are starting to move pretty quickly as we are heading into summer. The first UK flight this year landed in Zante today, it was the EasyJet flight from liverpool. Also, the biggest news of the day, Holiday Box Office, Pure Zante and CherryBay have announced their event opening parties which will […]

Zante Is AMBER!!

Zante Has Been Placed On The UKs Amber List As per the UK Government announcement today, Greece and Zante will be placed on the UK’s AMBER list as of May 17th. How Does This Affect My Plans To Travel? If you do have a holiday booked to Zante anytime between May 17th and mid-late June, […]